March 4, 2012

Stupid record companies

Hey record companies - since people aren't buying music much any more and radio stations play narrower and narrower playlists and video stations don't play videos, you might want to let little guys like me put your videos on my site to promote your bands.

This post replaces a video by a band that just might have sold a record or two.

Oh well, you lose, record company.  Music will continue without you.

1 comment:

  1. Yes man, you're right, but there's a war on the big three major to control all the material on internet and TVs and all the "independent big labels" under the major distribution ( and control ) are forced to do the same.
    There is a really copyright business that you must understand cause behind a video clip, all money spent are gone away and lost forever.
    I'm a manager of a little brand new label called EKS Records and i think it's really stupid to search to give money from everywhere, but is the only way to be in the now-days business.
    I really hope that my artist's fan will share videos and lyric of my artists works! and in the same way hope to have a good response for the future live show and tour, where i would find a sold out date and, in that case, I could give my artist album for free.