April 2, 2015

Classic Canadian Alternative: Doughboys

John Kaster's been in a lot of bands including The Asexuals, Doughboys, All Systems Go!, and he's released a solo album. It's all been pretty consistently awesome. Doughboys formed in Montreal in 1987 and became one of my favourite bands, delivering a power pop / punk / metal hybrid that just hit me the right way at the right time.

I somehow have it stuck in my head that guitarist Jonathan Cummins and Brendan Canning are brothers but I can't find any evidence of this on line. Let me know if you can confirm or deny this piece of info.

The Doughboy's 1993 album Crush is absolutely incredible. A classic from start to finish. And these guys were incredible to see live. I caught them at Lee's Palace, UofT, and in Vancouver.




"Fix Me"

"Tearin' Away"



"End of the Hall"

"Summer Song"

"Shake it, Annie" from Bionic, Jonathan Cummins' band with Ian Blurton

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