June 23, 2011

New Foo Fighters Album Is Amazing!

I became a Foo Fighters fan before I even knew that Dave Grohl was in the band, or more matter of factly, was the band. When I first heard "This is a Call" and "Alone + Easy Target" from the debut, I was hooked. The Colour and the Shape was probably my favourite of their albums, although they have many great ones.

They've recently released Wasting Light. It's a return to being produced by Butch Vig, and a return to analog recording. And it's a fantastically solid album. There are even some great guests including Bob Mould - the greatest Bob to ever live. And, of course, Bob's just published his autobiography See A Little Light which I'm going to have to pick up soon.

Here's a video of them performing the whole album. Pretty awesome. Enjoy if you can spend 49 minutes looking at a video. Hell, you can even put it on in the background and go about your business...

They also like to release funny videos, as I'm sure you know. Here's their latest, for "Walk"