July 26, 2011


I actually wrote this post about two years ago and never hit Publish. But Spinnerette have some cool songs, so I've got to put it up now.

Have you heard of Spinnerette? They first crossed my radar a few months ago when I saw the video for "Ghetto Love". Great song. Great simple video. So I bought the EP on emusic.

Now they've released their full-length, self-titled album. It's available from iTunes.

It's quite a departure from Brody Dalle and Tony Bevilacqua's old band The Distillers, but it happens to be more up my alley, so to speak. Check out Ghetto Love below and tell me it doesn't stick in your head for days. The rest of the album sounds really good but isn't quite as immediate as the first single. Although I'm certainly getting something close to immediate gratification coming "Baptized by Fire". I'm sure to have more to say about the rest of the album as it gets into more frequent rotation on my iPod.

Here's the video for "Ghetto Love"

And the video for "Baptized by Fire"