February 1, 2011

Mumford & Sons. Really?

Did you catch the Wedge with Pink Eyes from Fucked Up? I haven't seen it yet. (i love you pvr) But I am glad that the Wedge is back. I found lots of good bands on Wedge. I missed it.

Here's one that I didn't like the sound of when I first heard it on the Wedge. I think I gave it about 23 seconds and then moved on. And then one lazy morning, I was waking up to The Edge (cfny to us old guys) on my clock radio and I couldn't turn it off. Some songs need to germinate. Or hit you at the right moment. Or whatever.

"Little Lion Man". Bad language and all. Cover up the kids' ears.

And as much as so many comments on YouTube can be just stupid, this one caught my eye.

"No autotune?! Where's the fake singing and dancing whores? Wow, are they actually playing instruments? Holy. Shit. Finally good MUSIC. Yes, actual music-- the way it should be. Real"