November 20, 2011

Does Of Montreal remind you at all of Prince?

I think it must be the falsetto singing on "I know she's kinda fug, she's just my party drug", but the latest tunes from Of Montreal seem to remind me of Prince. You can judge for yourself. No matter how you slice it, it's groovy, sexy cool.

Here's "L'age D'or" from thecontrollersphere,

and "Famine Affair" from the album False Priest.

I love the lyric, "wish we weren't so complicated, wish you weren't so medicated".

I think I might have seen some nipples in the first video. Some of them might have been female, Which I guess obliges me to tell you that it's NSFW. Why exactly does everyone have to warn others that something is Not Safe For Work. I mean, if you're hanging around the office watching videos and perusing blogs when you're supposed to be working, how much trouble can you get into by having a few boobies appear on the screen. If you're that worried about it, maybe you should get back to work!