February 26, 2015

Classic Canadian Alternative: Rough Trade

As I mentioned in a previous post where I wrote a sentence about Rough Trade, they were breaking down walls of prejudice 30 years ago. Quite cutting edge for the time, and even a little risqué now.

Wikipedia states, "Rough Trade was a Canadian new wave rock band in the 1970s and 1980s, centred on singer Carole Pope and multi-instrumentalist Kevan Staples. The band was noted for their provocative lyrics and stage antics; singer Pope often performed in bondage attire, and their 1981 hit 'High School Confidential' was one of the first explicitly lesbian-themed Top 40 hits in the world."

Take a listen to some songs:

"High School Confidential" from 1980's Avoid Freud

"All Touch" from 1981's For Those Who Think Young

"Crimes of Passion" from 1982's Shaking the Foundations

The title track from 1983's Weapons

And local rock gods Goddo wrote a song for Rough Trade's singer called "Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip)"

Pic from last.fm.