December 25, 2011

One in Ten Words - the song!

At some point I had to write the post about the name of the blog. It's "One in Ten Words" by the great Canadian new romantic band The Spoons. It's from their amazing Arias and Symphonies album. You may know songs like "Nova Heart", or the title track, or songs from later albums like "Tell No Lies", "Romantic Traffic" or "Old Emotions".

For some reason, "One in Ten Words" was always a special song for me. Maybe it was because Sandy, the bass player, sang lead on it, and I always rather liked Sandy. I remember hearing the song, among others of course, on one of those CHUM/CITY simulcast shows of The New Music.

For those of you not as old as me, or those so old you can't remember, this was how we got stereo sound on the TV back then. They'd play the audio on an FM radio station and you'd see the picture on your TV. But you tell the kids of today that, and they don't believe it.

Well, anyway, here's the song. Enjoy. Merry Christmas.

Photo from Facebook.