January 9, 2012

New album from Brendan Benson coming out in April

Brendan Benson, sometimes known as the co-founder of The Raconteurs, has been putting out some great music on his own for many years.  He's just announced that he's got a new album coming out on April 21 and it's called What Kind of World.

If you're not familiar with his easy going power pop, check some out here!

"A Whole Lot Better",

"Eyes on the Horizon", and

"Don't Wanna Talk" from 2009's My Old, Familiar Friend.

And "Spit it Out", and

"Cold Hands Warm Heart" from his 2005 album Alternative to Love.

Great songs!  Looking forward to this release.

And while I'm at it, here's some Raconteurs with "Steady as She Goes",

"Hands", and

"Level" from 2006's Broken Boy Soldiers.

Great tunes!