January 25, 2012

New Sleigh Bells track, just like everyone else

One of my favourite old silly sayings is, "You're an individual, just like everyone else".  And being a blogger can mean that you post unique things that no one else is posting about or you follow the crowd and post the coolest new thing that everyone else is posting about.  Hopefully I end up somewhere in between.

Sleigh Bells is certainly a band that lots of bloggers post about.  I posted about them a long time ago about them when I first heard "Rill Rill".  I liked it so much, it ended up at number 8 on my best songs list.  I'm sure I'm late out of the gate with posting about this, but I've got to tell you that they've got a new album coming out called Reign of Terror on February 14.  So Happy Valentine's Day.

Here's the first track they've put out from the album.  It's called "Comeback Kid".  I wish them lots of success with this second album.  Looking forward to it!