June 7, 2012

New Bob Mould announced

I don't keep it a secret that Bob Mould is one of my favourite musicians and songwriters. He's been a huge influence on my own songwriting and I always look forward to his releases. Yesterday, he announced a new album called Silver Age which will be coming out September 4.

Thinking about the fact that he's been playing Sugar's first album Copper Blue from front to back over the past several months leads me to believe that this will be a super solid rock / power pop effort in that vein.  Well, I can cross my fingers and hope!

We could continue speculation by wondering what the album title refers to - the 25th anniversary of Copper Blue, growing more mature and greying hair perhaps - and what the symbol on the album cover means.

Consequence of Sound posted this track list and some tour dates:

01. Star Machine
02. Silver Age
03. The Descent
04. Briefest Moment
05. Steam Of Hercules
06. Fugue State
07. Round The City Square
08. Angels Rearrange
09. Keep Believing
10. First Time Joy

I also hope that he'll swing through Toronto and put on one of his magnificent shows at The Mod Club.