November 16, 2012

New Nine Inch Nails in the works

Trent Reznor decided to stop touring Nine Inch Nails a few years back. He never said that Nine Inch Nails was no more and there would never be any new NIN music. Recently, Trent mentioned that there is new NIN music in the works. ""Yeah, there will be new music … Stay tuned." he said. He might even tour again.

What better excuse to put up a favourites post on the greatness of Nine Inch Nails.

Here are some favourites:

"Closer" will always bring back memories of Saturday nights at the Phoenix. Good times!

And I absolutely loved it when they played this remix.

NIN's cover of the Adam Ant track "Physical (You're So)" from Broken.


"Gave Up"

Speaking of covers, here's NIN doing Joy Division's "Dead Souls".

Here's a live version of "Hurt", originally on The Downward Spiral. Yup, that's the same song that Johnny Cash later covered.

For his more recent stuff, I really enjoyed "Only" from With Teeth.

And here's the all time classic "Head Like A Hole" from Pretty Hate Machine.

Of course, this just scratches the surface of an awesome artist. Looking forward to the new Nine Inch Nails music when it comes out.