February 22, 2014

Jason Isbell is eminently listenable

I'm a ball of contradictions. I strongly believe that a good song can stand alone with a singer and a single instrument like acoustic guitar or piano. However, I find that a lot of solo acoustic and solo piano music to be as listenable as the plaintive wail of a coyote. Maybe those particular wailers just don't have good enough songs.

Jason Isbell breaks with the contradiction. His music is mostly acoustic, but the song-writing and story-telling is fantastic and eminently listenable.

Check some out...

"Cover Me Up" from Austin City Limits

"Stockholm" from City Sessions

"Elephant" from Sirius XM

"Flying Over Water" live on KEXP

"Traveling Alone" with Amanda Shires

And I'll finish with the fun romp, "Super 8"