October 23, 2011

Is there something wrong with my musical tastebuds?

I have a blogger confession. A really big, bad one. One I may not be forgiven for. I guess I'll just rip the band aid off quickly and say it.

I don't like any of the albums that have won the Polaris Prize. No, not Karkwa, not the Arcade Fire, not Patrick Watson, not Caribou, not Final Fantasy, not even Fucked Up.

There. Its out there. I can't take it back now. Wow. That feels so much better.

Now it's not all music prizes that I dislike. I have liked several of the Mercury Prize winners including The xx, Arctic Monkeys, Portishead, Pulp, Gomez, Klaxons and Franz Ferdinand, as well as way to many nominees to list.

I'm not sure what it is about bands that have won that particular prize. Am I alone in this?