February 13, 2012

The Grammy's didn't suck?!?

Is it just me or did the Grammy's not suck too badly last night?  The highlights for me were:

  • Bruce Springsteen bringing a good performance that had a lot of energy. I still can't help from seeing Little Steven as Sil in the Sopranos, though.
  • I do appreciate Bruno Mars' live performances when I've seen him on the awards shows. He shows obvious influences from vintage R&B and James Brown in particular.
  • Bonnie Raitt and Alicia Keys' tribute to Etta James.  Man, can Bonnie sing and play that guitar with 10 tonnes of soul.  Nice!
  • Jack Black getting a dig in on Bon Iver for "indie cred" while introducing the Foo Fighters who brought the rawk as they always do. And then the Foos won a well-deserved Grammy for Best Rock Performance.
  • Rihanna is a guilty pleasure, so it's always good to hear and see her.
  • And there's the new drinking game where you have to drink every time someone says or sings "Whitney". Too soon?

And I haven't even seen the second half yet.

Too bad the Juno nominations were so vanilla.