February 14, 2012

The Grammy's part deux

I watched the second half of the Grammy's last night. Highlights for me were:

  • Civil Wars thanking their "opening acts" and their cool, one-minute version of "Barton Hollow".
  • Kate Beckinsale's legs.
  • Katy Perry put on a cool, switch-a-roo performance with what I can only assume is her "kick him to the curb" song for her ex, Russell Brand.
  • Adele was triumphant in an "under the microscope" performance. In a world that often wants artists to fail - like Lana del Rey on SNL - she put on a flawless performance that demonstrated why she deserved to sweep the Grammy's.
  • Glen Campbell not falling off the stage
  • Bon Iver not insulting the Grammy's, while remaining honest about the conflicted feelings he holds.
  • And more Foos! And duelling guitars!

I don't write about the things I don't like so you won't get all that dirt and insulting, condescending attitude from moi.  No way, Jose.