May 10, 2012

Giant Baby invades Cameron House

I caught an enthusiastic set by The Giant Baby at The Cameron House for the release of their third album Star. This was my first time seeing this band and they rocked their way through a marathon three set show that showed off each band member's talents and their penchant for classic, guitar-driven rock.

The songs deliver soaring vocals that at times could be compared to Bono or Luke Pritchard from The Kooks, the guitars alternately crunch and scream, with some delay-laden effects that are reminiscent of The Edge. Their no nonsense song writing and overall approach bring back classic rock of the 70s and Canadian rock giants like The Tragically Hip with whiffs of Gordon Lightfoot. They have a back-to-basics, anti-hipsterism vibe that puts them into a "being cool by not being cool" category.

I'll let the music speak for itself at this point.  Here are a few tracks from Star.

"Want You To Myself"

"Pray for Rain"

"She's the Bomb"


"Even though You're Safe"

They played some other stand-out songs that I can only assume are on their earlier releases. You can hear some over at cbc music.

The crappy live photo in this post is an original pic by me. The other one was provided by the band.