January 28, 2013

Mounties: Something cool and Canadian, in the form of a supergroup

According to the authority of the internet age, Wikipedia, "In the late 1960s, the term supergroup was coined to describe 'a rock music group whose performers are already famous from having performed individually or in other groups'." I'd say that a new project by Hawksley Workman, Steve Bays from Hot Hot Heat and Ryan Dahle of Limblifter (pictured above) and Age of Electric would qualify for supergroup status.

They're called Mounties and they've put out a cool track called "Headphones". You should click below to listen.

And just so I can really justify sticking all those bands' names in the Topics section, here are a handpicked bunch of tunes by those artists.

Hawksley Workman "Striptease"

Hot Hot Heat "Bandages"

Limblifter "Tinfoil"

Age of Electric "Remote Control"