June 23, 2013

Cool tune by Small Black

I read a lot of music blogs. I check out a lot of music. I'd like to check out more, but there are those other parts of life that keep interfering. I sometimes just check out a band on a whim, or because some blogger's description of them peaks my interest, or because I've seen the name around a lot.

I think it was the latter that made me check out Small Black. It's kind of mellow, but I like the sounds I'm hearing from the tune "No Stranger" and some of the other tunes on their album Limits of Desire that I've checked out so far.

Here's the video for "No Stranger". Hope you like it, too. Sounds like a good song for a relaxing patio, a sunset and a cocktail.

And here's another tune from Limits of Desire, "Free At Dawn".