June 6, 2013

New Nine Inch Nails!

Last November, Trent Reznor said that there would be new Nine Inch Nails music and that they might even tour again. Then, about a week ago, he announced that he'd completed a "fucking great" new album with Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder. Now we get to hear a song.

The tune is "Came Back Haunted", the album is called Hesitation Marks and it will be out September 3.

What can I say about this tune, besides it is what it says on the tin. It's definitely a Nine Inch Nails song. Sounds pretty fucking great.

Since I never saw this band back in the day, they might actually get me to go to another stadium show. As long as the tickets aren't at Rolling Stones price levels. They've got tour deets here. They'll be playing the ACC on October 4.