November 2, 2013

Five-by-Five: The legendary Ian Blurton: Change of Heart, C'Mon, Public Animal

Ian Blurton has been a legendary fixture of Toronto's music scene since the early 80s. He first came to my attention with the amazing Change of Heart and their Tummysuckle album. One of my all-time favourite albums for sure. I'm going to feature three of his many bands/projects: Change of Heart, C'Mon and his latest Public Animal.

Change of Heart - Trigger (LIVE at Supercrawl 2012)


C'Mon put out many awesome albums including : Midnight Is The Answer in 2004, In The Heat Of The Moment in 2005, Bottled Lightning Of An All Time High in 2007, and Beyond The Pale Horse in 2010. P.S. if anyone can tell me how I can get a digital copy of Beyond The Pale Horse, I would be eternally grateful. All I can find is the Bandcamp where I can't download.

A teaser of Bottled Lightning...

"Psychotic Retraction"

I was already pretty excited to see Monster Magnet at Lee's Palace on December 10. Once I saw that Blurton's latest band, Public Animal, were opening the show, I became super stoked. Can't wait to have my face melted by this latest Blurton project.

Public Animal "Vault Doors" and "One Way Ticket"