November 15, 2013

The C'mons

This is one photogenic band. It was hard for me to limit the number of photos in this post. And they sound great, too. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of The C'mons October 19 performance at The Hideout for Indie Week.

Now don't confuse The C'mons with Ian Blurton's now-broken-up hard rocking band C'mon who I featured on the site. The C'mons singer is Stephanie Bosch, petite with a blonde pixie haircut and a voice that goes from soft to powerful in a heartbeat. The band features violin in addition to the typical two guitars-bass-drums combo. And the songs... The songs were wonderful. Of course, you can check out some below, and if you're like me, you can look forward to their next shows and more music being released.
Check out some tunes:


"Go Go Go"

"Paper Walls"


"Alone Eventually"