January 26, 2014

New Foster the People album Supermodel coming out; Listen to Coming of Age

As evidenced by the 12-day string of low effort but good content offered by the live on KEXP posts, I've been a little tied up with the day job. I now turn to some posts that could be termed "old news" as they feature some of the cool releases and other stuff announced while I was non-musically occupied.

Foster the People are a great pop band. Everybody knows their numerous hits from their début album Torches. They recently announced a new album called Supermodel which hits the public on March 18. Here's a tune from it called "Coming of Age".

As you might expect, it's a well crafted pop song. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Nice to hear the more up-front guitar hook. I've read that this is more of a guitar driven album. Looking forward to this release.