January 28, 2014

Toy resonate at The Horseshoe

Toy are a band from the UK with a love of volume and ringing guitars and atmospherics noise and aesthetic. They brought it all to the legendary Horseshoe Tavern for their first ever show in Toronto for a great night on January 14.
I had the band's début eponymous album in my collection and I knew I liked their sound even if the tunes beyond "Motoring" weren't embedded in my consciousness. Their new album Join the Dots had just come out so I did to have a lot of time for the tunes to become familiar, outside of the title track.

No matter, I had an awesome time. They played with attitude and enjoyment and I loved every moment.

And you can add them to your list of bands who really mean it when they say, "This is our last song". I mean, you do have a list of bands that don't do encores, don't you?
Their setlist was short in number of tunes but not in time. Check out some highlights:

"Left Myself Behind"


"My Heart Skips a Beat"

Show closer "Join the Dots"