August 9, 2011

Holy Fuck that's a great song!

I used to do a "Favourites" thing where I posted a tune that is one of my favourites each Friday. I kind of stopped doing it because I pretty much post tunes that are my favourite no matter what day I post. I broke the "I have to do this every week" thing so I could just post a favourite tune whenever I want to.

And this is one of those times.

Radio is dead. I can't stand radio any more. Mostly crap music, stupidly narrow playlists, way too much talking and way, way too many commercials. I think most bands that aren't Justin Bieber or Beyonce tend to realize that. And so bands will use names that constitute radio suicide, such as Holy Fuck. Of course, in today's music biz, radio suicide doesn't mean much, and a band like Holy Fuck never would have gotten much in the way of radio play anyway. Although they should.

This is a great tune called "Lovely Allen" from their album LP. And in a somewhat ironic twist, I think I've heard this song in a commercial...

And here's a new tune called "Red Lights" from their latest album Latin. Everyone loves cat videos, right. Meow!