April 21, 2012

Hard Core Logo 2 - Die Mannequin

A Canadian-made movie called Hard Core Logo, directed by accomplished Canadian director Bruce McDonald, came out in 1996. It starred, among others, Hugh Dillon, the singer for the Headstones, who was branching out into acting. He's done a lot of acting since then, including starring roles on TV's Durham County and Flashpoint.

Bruce McDonald is back with Hard Core Logo 2.  This time, starring Care Failure, singer of Die Mannequin. Here's the trailer.

Here's Die Mannequin with two great tracks, "Do It Or Die" and "Saved by Strangers" from Unicorn Steak, in case you're not familiar with them.

This is the vid for "Miss Americvnt" from Die Manneqiuin's 2009 album FINO+BLEED.  Depending on where you work, it may be NSFW.

Their new album Danceland is out in May.

And here's some Headstones.