December 30, 2013

Peter Elkas sings the blues at The Horseshoe

My night out at The Horseshoe Tavern on December 19 continued with the blues stylings of Peter Elkas and his band.

Being as focused on the indie-alternative thing as I am means that I don't listen to a lot of blues bands, although Indie Week and TURF turned up my awareness of more rootsy bluesy bands. It was good to let some blues back into my ears.
Speaking of Indie Week, I recognized Peter's keyboard player Jeff Heisholt instantly from seeing Little Foot Long Foot at Cherry Cola's. He's also in the Trews, and the Skydiggers touring band, so I guess he's a busy guy. Great player, too.
Peter, if you're reading this, check out your web site. Chrome and AVAST won't let it render on my machine due to some virusy nastyness.

I can all but guarantee you won't get an infection from Peter Elkas' tunes. Check some out:

"Sweet Nancy"

"Fall Apart Again"