August 30, 2023

Dominic Fike at Massey Hall - Concert Review

Dominic Fike put on an incredible show in Toronto at Massey Hall for his Don’t Stare at the Sun Tour on Sunday night. He performed many of the songs off his most recent album, “Sunburn”, which was released on July 7, as well as many of his classic hits such as “3 Nights” and “Why”. 

Although he fell ill just two days prior after his previous show in Detroit, he was able to put on an energetic performance thanks to the doctors that helped him recover. He was very engaged with the crowd throughout the show by jumping around different areas of the stage and encouraging the audience to sing along. There was evidence of a true connection between him and his fans. He was willing to sign some fans’ merchandise and put on articles of clothing that fans tossed to him on stage. 

During the second half of the set, Dominic put on an amazing acoustic performance where he showcased his guitar skills through a new unreleased song, as well as the very emotional track “Dark”. Fans were able to connect with him by waving their flashlights during this part of the show, demonstrating their true love and support for him. 

Between songs, Dominic mentioned his love for Canada in general, mentioning his obsession with the country as a child where he collected Canadian coins and anything with polar bears on it. He also shouted out his bassist who is a true Torontonian and had his family at the show. Dominic Fike is a truly talented artist with a real love for his fans, which resulted in a remarkable show that fans will look back on as a great memory.

Take a listen to "3 Nights"

Review by Sarah Ordean