September 22, 2012

Surprise Song #7... or not

I was doing this thing called a Surprise Song. I thought it would be cool if you came to the site and clicked "play" on a song, having absolutely no idea what the song would be. And it would be cool.

However, it's the least-clicked set of posts on the site. Total failure.

So now I will abandon the Surprise Song concept and post more of my old favourites. That's what the Surprise Songs were supposed to be anyway.

Like this one. For this one you were supposed to click and go, "Oh this song. I haven't heard this song in forever. What a great track. It's Live, right, the band's called Live. And this was on Throwing Copper, which was an awesome album. I'm so glad this cool blog reminded me of this song. I really love that asexually-named Jordan person." 

Anyway, the song is "I Alone" and it's kind of an obsessive thing.