September 20, 2012

Lyrical snippet of the moment: Guttering by Ron Hawkins

This song came up on my iPod and reminded me what a wonderful song writer Ron Hawkins is. One of Canada's best for sure.

The song is called "Guttering" from 2000's Crackstatic and it's a painfully beautiful song with lyrics to match. This post is not so much a snippet since I'm posting the full lyric.


Oh I must be getting old
'Cause I can't hold a grudge like I used to
A sudden, patient virtue
Grace impromptu
And all this matchbox bitterness
Goes up in dancing flame, orange and mandarin
Arabesquing ashen glowing ember
Dead to the world, read like the stars
New to the moments we are
Oh and it's painful to be born when you're thirty-four
Kicking, screaming, bleeding and believing
Shallow breathing
Oh, I must be getting old 'cause I can't hold a grudge
Like I used to...