September 24, 2012

Stream the new Muse album The 2nd Law

Update: Here's a working link for Canada. If I were in Muse, I'd be pretty pissed with my label for not having proper links working.

Muse have announced that you can listen to a stream of their forthcoming album, The 2nd Law. They've got different stream providers for different countries, so follow the link to their site for deets. Personally, I can't find a link for Canada that works, perhaps due to timing, but someone's posted a URL to a private Soundcloud stream in the comments of the announcement post. Try that for as long as it may work.

Now we can all see how far down the dubstep hole they may have fallen...

In case you missed it, the video for "Madness" is here. The 2nd Law is out October 2.