September 29, 2012

Frank Turner performs I Still Believe on Conan

Frank Turner is getting more and more well deserved international notoriety in no small part due to his appearance at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies. He's getting even more North American exposure thanks to a recent appearance on Conan.

And he's taking advantage of this attention by releasing a 2 disc package called Last Minutes and Lost Evenings on October 2. The first disc contains previously released songs that's, "... kind of a primer for new people coming on board..." and the second disc is his entire Wembley performance.

So as we await a new album from Frank, we can enjoy this energetic rendition of "I Still Believe" from 2011's England Keep My Bones.

Here's a fan video from the Wembley show. A new Frank Turner song called "Four Simple Words".

And here's a new one called "Recovery" from Frank's show in Toronto back in May.