December 11, 2012

My favourite songs: Awesome and cool songs of 2012: My best of list: Top 60 songs: #60-41

It's been a great year for indie-alternative music. Maybe it's because I've been putting more emphasis on seeking out great music for the blog, or maybe it's just intergalactic forces. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Just to avoid consistency of any kind, I've abandoned last year's idea of doing 2 year best of posts, like doing "The Best of 2011-2012".

Here's post number one featuring songs 60-41 of my favourite 60 songs released in 2012.

60. "Dollar Chills" DZ Deathrays

59. "We Were Children" Tribes

58. "Anxiety" Ladyhawke

57. "My Girl" Yukon Blonde

56. "Youth Without Youth" Metric

55. "Awakenings" The Junction

54. "Tomorrow" Parakeet

53. "It's Time" Imagine Dragons

52. "Sleep Alone" Two Door Cinema Club

51. "Blood for Poppies" Garbage

50. "Radio" Nude Beach

49. "45" Gaslight Anthem

48. "Settle Down" Kimbra

47. "What Makes A Good Man?" The Heavy

46. "Follow Baby" Peace

45. "Savage" Hacienda

44. "Met Before" Chairlift

43. "Took a Walk" Passion Pit

42. "Lets' Boot and Rally" Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino

41. "Two Feet Stand Up" Cookie Duster

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