December 16, 2012

Joe Walsh teaches the kids about Funk 49

When I was little, I used to watch WKRP in Cincinnati.

I wanted to be Johnny Fever when I grew up.

In one episode when there was a bomb threat at the station, Johnny was trying to leave the building against Andy's advice and he exclaimed, "If I die, who's going to teach the children about Bo Diddley?"

The point being that the old rock still has something to teach us.

Here's one of rock's legends, Joe Walsh, on Kimmel, playing one of my all time favourite songs - "Funk 49" by Walsh's old band The James Gang (not that other old band he was in, The Eagles). Amazing tune!

He's got a new album called Analog Man out now which features a revisited/updated version of "Funk 49" called, oddly enough, "Funk 50".

And if you're groovin' on the classic rock now, you might as well listen to one of Joe's all time great songs, "Life's Been Good", which appeared on But Seriously Folks back in 1978.

If you're going to watch the interview, stop reading now because I'm going to put in the best quote Joe Walsh says. "The thing about having a chain saw is, if you have one, you don't need to use it." Kind of like the martial arts, but less subtle and portable.