December 18, 2012

My favourite songs: Awesome and cool songs of 2012: My best of list: Top 10 Canadian Songs of 2012

It's been a great year for indie-alternative music. Maybe it's because I've been putting more emphasis on seeking out great music for the blog, or maybe it's just intergalactic forces. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Just to avoid consistency of any kind, I've abandoned last year's idea of doing 2-year best of posts, like doing "The Best of 2011-2012".

And just because I'm Canadian and I live in Canada and I love great Canadian bands, I've extracted 10 Canadian tunes from the Top 60 and I present them here.

Here is the list of my Top 10 Canadian Songs released in 2012.

10. "Are You Gonna Waste My Time?" Zeus

9. "In Came The Flood" Wintersleep

8. "I'm Just Me" Diamond Rings

7. "Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It" Stars

6. "Let's Fall In Love" Mother Mother

5. "This War" Men Without Hats

4. "You Read My Mind" Ladyhawk

3. "Fire's Highway" Japandroids

2. "Katana Rock" Dirty Ghosts

1. "House that Heaven Built" Japandroids

The live shot of Japandroids is mine, taken at their recent gig at The Phoenix.

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