December 3, 2012

Punk attitude: Fuck You and Fuck You

What are the chances that two classic punk bands would both put out new songs in 2012 called "Fuck You"? I'm not an odds maker, but I suspect on one hand it's pretty rare, since the bands in question haven't put out new material in the past couple of years, but it might not be unexpected, since "Fuck You" is not an entirely un-punk thing to say. I guess the wheel can be invented twice.
Rancid, the band that brought you suck classics as "Time Bomb" and "Ruby Soho" from 1995's ...And Out Come the Wolves (both songs posted here), has just put out this new track:

Rancid - "Fuck You"
And Bad Religion, who were part of the California punk scene in the 80's, who have been putting out albums consistently ever since, and who probably had their biggest hit with "21st Century (Digital Boy)" from 1994's Stranger Than Fiction, have put out this new track from their new album True North, which is coming out on January 22.

Bad Religion - "Fuck You"

Um, both are NSFW for language, as is this post. Natch.