February 28, 2013

Cool new band: 1984

1984 was a good year. It was an dark distopian vision of the future by George Orwell. It was a breakthrough Van Halen album. It's a really hard to Google name for a new band. But they're well worth searching for.

Blood Red Shoes mentioned in an interview that they produced 1984's album Influenza. Since I love Blood Red Shoes, I decided to check them out. Man, am I glad that I did.

Here's the video for "Maze",

the title track, "Influenza", and


Influenza is out now, and you can check out more of their music at their Soundcloud.

Based on these guys, and another artist they mentioned that will be featured in a future post, I want Blood Red Shoes to be my musical advisors. Wanna write for the blog?