February 16, 2013

Guitar heroics from Gary Clark Jr.

I'm a guitar player and I grew up with guitar god influences from the classic rock and heavy metal worlds. I didn't know that I missed any of that in the world of indie, until I heard a bit of Gary Clark Jr. on Conan. Not that I'm saying there are no good guitars in indie, there are. Especially from bands like The Joy Formidable, Biffy Clyro and Bob Mould just to rhyme off a few. It's just that "reach for that great blues-y vibrato high note" kind of playing isn't heard that much these days.

So here's that track "Numb" from Blak and Blu that I caught on Conan. Tell me you don't agree that he's got a sound we don't hear too much these days.

Maybe I'll put up a post about Van Halen one of these days.