February 19, 2013

Favourites: Limblifter

Limblifter are an awesome Canadian band. I mentioned them when I wrote about another awesome Canadian band, Mounties. Their powerful guitars, power pop song writing sensibilities and unique lyrical stylings make them one of my favourite bands ever. I always wanted to play such melodically rich, vocally catchy and powerfully energetic music.

Here are a bunch of tunes of their amazingly solid 1996 eponymous début.




"Screwed It Up"

"Ariel Vs. Lotus" and "Wake Up To The Sun" from 2000's Bellaclava.

"Perfect Day To Disappear" from 2004's I/O.

I wanna go to their show at the Horseshoe on March 22. But that would be three nights in a row of live shows. Which would be awesome.