May 3, 2013

Veruca Salt rock!

Veruca Salt is an alternative rock band that was formed in 1993. Named after the bratty girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, their début, American Thighs, came out in 1994 and I'm sure you know songs like "Seether" and "Number One Blind". Their second album, Eight Arms to Hold You, came out in 1997 and was absolutely incredible. It was produced by Bob Rock, who gave it his signature huge sound, and it was good. Songs like "Volcano Girls", "Awesome", "The Morning Sad", "With David Bowie", and "Stoneface" were, and still are, in my not-so-humble opinion, amazing.

Nina Gordon left soon after, there were reunions and stuff that I don't know much about, and apparently they just announced in March that they've reunited again. I'd catch this band live in the right venue, for sure.

Here's "Seether",

And "Number One Blind" from American Thighs.

"Volcano Girls",


And "With David Bowie" from Eight Arms To Hold You.