May 7, 2013

New song by Editors

I really, really like, maybe even love, the first two albums - 2005's The Back Room and 2007's An End Has A Start - by Birmingham alternative band Editors. Their change in emphasis from guitars to synths for 2009's In This Light And On This Evening left me cold.

Their just-released song "A Ton of Love" from their forthcoming album The Weight of Your Love is what I'd term a return to form. There are guitars back in the mix and the impassioned, energetic, anthemic song writing and production are back.

Give it a listen.

The new album's due out July 1. No word on whether the North American release will follow on July 2.

And just cuz, here are some great tunes from Editors albums past.


"Munich", and

"Blood" from The Back Room, and

"Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors",

"An End Has A Start",

"The Racing Rats", and

"Escape the Nest" from An End Has A Start.