May 14, 2013

Little Green Cars

I've had a note to check out Little Green Cars that dates back to at least October of 2012. I tell you, it's not a lack of music to listen to or good music to write about that limits me to one post a day, it's time. Time to check out all the stuff that sounds like it would be cool to listen to, and time to write it all up.

But whether I'm late to the party (quite often) or ahead of the curve (very rarely), I do get around to listening to a lot of cool music.

Little Green Cars are from Dublin and their debut full-length Absolute Zero came out at the end of March, so I guess I'm not that late. They perform high-energy, indie pop music with lots of heart and huge harmonies.

Take a listen to "The John Wayne",

their latest single "Big Red Dragon", and

"Harper Lee".