August 17, 2013

Five-by-Five: 2005 was a very good year

As I posted last week, 2005 stands out as an amazing year in music for me. I discovered some amazing bands and some of my favourite bands put out their strongest albums in 2005. Here's part two of my Five-by-Five post on amazing tunes from 2005.

"Monster Hospital" from Metric's guitar-driven Live It Out

"Sunken-Eyed Girl" from Mike Doughty's super-solid Haughty Melodic

"Anytime" from My Morning Jacket's unbelievably good Z

"Abel" from The National's near perfect Alligator

The title track from The New Pornographer's stupendous Twin Cinema

Not to mention Hard-Fi's The Stars of CCTV and Maximo Park's A Certain Trigger that I featured in another Five-by-Five post.