August 12, 2013

New Jane's Addiction track Another Soulmate

If you knew I had a choice between posting this new Jane's Addiction song and posting the nude video of Lady Gaga that's been circulating around the internet and you knew it didn't take more than a second to choose the Jane's Addiction track would you be proud of me?

And if you knew I wrote this just to get some search hits for "Lady Gaga nude video" - since "P!nk nude" is one of the searches that brings a lot of people to this site even though there are no nude P!nk pictures here - would you be ashamed of me?

Whatever your judgement - and who are you to judge, anyway!?! - check out this absolute rocker from Jane's Addiction called "Another Soulmate" cuz, well, we could all use another soulmate, right?

And if you really want to see that Lady Gaga nude video, just click here.