March 11, 2015

Drowning my sorrows in Frank Turner

Frank Turner at TURF 2013 Photo by John at One In Ten Words toronto indie alternative music blog concert photography pictures
Unfortunately for me, concerts, or indeed leaving the house, are off the table for me for the next while. I was able to see, hear and photograph Wolf Alice last week (editing is going slow, too) but I couldn't make it to Rusty's 20th anniversary of Fluke show at the Horseshoe or Frank Turner's March 9th show at The Horseshoe.

This killed me a little inside since Frank Turner's music is incredible, he's an amazing live performer, and the chance to see and photograph him in a small venue like The Horseshoe may never happen again, especially since I believe the last two times he headlined Toronto he played at The Sound Academy and The Phoenix Concert Theatre.

To get over the disappointment at missing what, by all accounts, was a fantastic live show, I've put this post together that highlights some of my favourite Frank Turner tunes, all from his Horseshoe setlist.

Frank's just released the third of his b-sides and rarities in the form of the aptly titled The Third Three Years and should have a new album out later this year. You lucky bastards who were in attendance got to hear some of the new tunes.

"Four Simple Words"

"The Road"

"Glory Hallelujah" an all time favourite that I hope everyone sang along to.

"Reasons Not To Be An Idiot"

"Try This At Home"

"The Way I Tend to Be"

"Wessex Boy"

"Photosynthesis" with "Plain Sailing Weather"

"Peggy Sang The Blues"


"Long Live The Queen"

"The Ballad Of Me & My Friends"

"I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous"

"I Still Believe"

The pic above is one I took on a point-and-shoot at TURF 2013.