March 22, 2015

Bloc Party Silent Alarm is 10

Ten years ago today, Bloc Party released their début full-length album Silent Alarm. I can't remember exactly when I discovered it, but it blew me away. The songs, the energy, the sound was, and still is, a musical revelation to me. I would say that it's a début album that no one could live up to.

If you just want to relive it, or if you're just discovering it, you can listen to the whole album or spend a moment with my personal favourites of my favourites. I've tried to concentrate on great live versions just to capture the energy in a more visceral way and to provide variety.

"Like Eating Glass" on Jools Holland. That frenetic delivery is incredible.

"Helicopter" live at Glastonbury

"Positive Tension" live at Glastonbury

"Banquet" live at Glastonbury

"She's Hearing Voices" live at Bristol Academy

"This Modern Love" live in Sydney

"Little Thoughts"

"So Here We Are" live at Glastonbury


They also released Silent Alarm Remixed, which is almost as amazing as the original. And this is coming from a guy who generally couldn't care less about remixes. Check out Death From Above 1979's remix (cover) of "Luno"

Pic from Facebook.