January 16, 2015

Favourites: The Verve Pipe

With all the great music released during 2014 and all the bands that I photographed, there weren't as many days to post about some of my favourite older music as there once was. Now that we're into a relatively slow period of concerts and new releases, I can write a bit about some cool stuff from past years. A bunch of cool songs from The Verve Pipe popped up in a playlist yesterday and inspired this post.

The Verve Pipe are from East Lansing Michigan and formed in 1992. Their biggest tune is "The Freshmen" which I featured in one of my lyrical snippets posts. They play straight up alternative rock with well-crafted, anthemic and catchy songs.

Here are some of my favourites.

"Penny Is Poison" from 1996's Villains

"Photograph" from Villains

"Never Let You Down" from 2000's Underneath

Pic from Facebook.

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