January 12, 2015

Deers forced to change their name to Hinds by The Dears

There's a band called The Cult that were big in the late 80s and 90s. There's a band called Cults that has been big in more recent times. There's a band called Heart from the 70s and a band called Haerts that's up and coming. There's Brit Daniel's indie rock band Spoon and the 80s Canadian new wave band The Spoons. There are lots of other bands with similar names that don't seem to cause confusion in the marketplace.

There's a band from Spain called Deers and there's a band from Montreal called The Dears. The Dears have sent their lawyers after Deers and otherwise forced them to change their name to Hinds.

Why is this? Not sure. And why did Deers just give in? Not sure. You may say that since the other bands added an "S" or an "S" and a different spelling whereas Deers and Dears are homonyms that it makes a difference. I'm not so sure. I think "The" is a pretty big differentiator. I think it's pretty lame on The Dears part. Especially since nothing they've done since the Smiths-like "Don't Lose The Faith" has really made a mark on my radar. Oh well, just my opinion.
And so, to help Hinds get past their forced name change, which is a pretty major setback for any band, here's some of their tunes. I guess if there's any bright side to this story, it's that I would probably not have heard of Hinds otherwise.

"Castigadas en el Granero"

"Trippy Gum"


Pics from Facebook.