January 22, 2015

New St. Vincent tunes Bad Believer and Del Rio

Annie Clark, St. Vincent, put out one of the best albums and some of the best songs of 2014 with her self-titled fourth studio album. This album is about to get the deluxe release treatment, which can be looked as at an opportunity to have the album with a whole bunch of extra tunes, or it can be looked at as a thinly-veiled attempt to get you to buy the main songs all over again. I'll let you be the judge. It comes out February 9.

The deluxe album features extra tunes like "Pieta" and "Sparrow" which I posted previously, "Del Rio", the Darkside remix of "Digital Witness" and "Bad Believer". "Bad Beliver" is a pretty awesome, high energy tune that's well worth adding to your collection. "Del Rio" is intensely quirky in the way we expect from Ms. Clark.

Check 'em out:

"Del Rio"

St. Vincent's on tour and comes to Toronto's Danforth Music Hall on March 3-4.

Also keep your ears open for another new track called "Teenage Talk" on HBO's Girls.

Pic from Facebook.