April 28, 2014

Band of Skulls annihilate The Phoenix

Last Thursday, April 24, Band of Skulls hit up Toronto's Phoenix Concert Theatre on their tour in support of their just-released album Himalayan. The brief review is that they were absolutely amazing. They have an effortless power and grace about them that makes the glorious noise that the three band members make look easy.
Singer and guitarist Russell Marsden makes his own brand of classic blues-rock riffs and leads soar from his fingers with great fluidity. Bassist and singer Emma Richardson, and drummer Matt Hayward are amazing to watch as they hold down the rhythm. Both Russell and Emma's vocals were brilliant and their voices both complement the band's music so well. The band sounded amazing, they had a cool light show and they played an amazing set.
Their set pulled from all three albums in their canon, from their 2009 début Baby Darling Doll Face Honey through 2012's Sweet Sour and their latest, Himilayan. Some of the highlights for me were "Asleep at the Wheel", "You Aren't Pretty But You Got It Goin' On", "Toreador", "Brothers & Sisters", "Bruises", "Nightmares", "The Devil Takes Care of His Own", "Hollywood Bowl", "Sweet Sour" and "Death by Diamonds and Pearls". The fact that there were so many highlights shows how much I like these guys.
Check out some of their tunes, and if they're hitting up your town on this tour, do yourself a favour and go see them. They glow on record but they shine on stage.

Show opener "Asleep at the Wheel" from Himilayan

The title track from Himilayan

"You're Not Pretty But You Got It Goin' On" from Sweet Sour

"I Know What I Am" from Baby Darling Doll Face Honey

"Brothers & Sisters" from Himilayan

"Bruises" from Sweet Sour

"Nightmares" from Himilayan

"The Devil Takes Care of His Own" from Sweet Sour

Main set closer "Hollywood Bowl" from Baby Darling Doll Face Honey

Encore starter "Sweet Sour" from the-album-of-the-same-name

Show closer "Death by Diamonds and Pearls" from Baby Darling Doll Face Honey. This tune is the very first Band of Skulls tune I ever heard and it's an absolutely perfect way to close out the night. Awesome!